Grand Junction used to be a place young people fled. Now, millennial entrepreneurs are flocking there for opportunity.

Dated: 10/28/2018

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“A lot of things are going right in this area now. I am seeing more young people coming to the valley,” Daly said. “I think the Grand Junction area will exceed Boulder. Boulder is missing a few things that Grand Junction has.”  


Boulder’s missing amenities include a major river in the middle of town and a minutes-from-downtown, expert, mountain bike-trail system. Also, there’s a lack of affordable homes. 


In Grand Junction, homes are listed at a median price of $259,250, up about 8.5 percent over the past 12 months, compared with $824,500 in Boulder, up about 5.3 percent, according to Zillow. Rents are about half as costly in Grand Junction, at a median of $1,225, compared with $2,400 in Boulder. 


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I am a Colorado native, born and raised in Grand Junction. I love being surrounded by family, friends, and the wonders of the Grand Valley! I am energetic, persistent, and passionate about real estate....

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